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Henry Lansing Woodward

What to Sell

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Author Henry Lansing Woodward

Henry Lansing Woodward, a devoted “sailer” and a US Navy veteran who served as a Combat Medical Corpsman in Vietnam, became a paramedic in Hawaii, ultimately serving as program officer for the entire state of Hawaii before traveling and working as an international paramedic in forty-five different countries, has completed his new book “Yard Sale Today”: an instructive manual for the successful organization of yard sales.


“Clean out your closets and cupboards, your garage, your shed, your attic, and your basement. Put it all out. Don’t throw anything away yet. People love to dig through boxes of old plumbing parts, odds and ends, magazines, books, records, tapes and cassettes, CDs, videotapes and DVDs, computer games, etc.


Many Yard Sailers shop specifically for certain items or types of items.


They go crazy over vintage clothes, costume jewelry, and even old towels and rags! Countertop appliances are usually big movers, as are children’s toys and games.


Sports equipment in good condition is also desirable (especially if it is in season). Clean and unstained baby clothes will always sell. The list goes on and on.”


Published by Page Publishing, Henry Lansing Woodward’s informative book is a must-read for anyone interested in holding a yard sale or swap meet.


Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Yard Sale Today” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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What Readers  Are Saying

I read your words so cleverly written. I understand the frustration that has come from our system.

I wish you well and you go out and play. We all must do that and begin another day.

Wake up with the sun in your face; smile and be thankful you got out of this crazy rat race.

God bless you and live!


The Life of a Paramedic
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New Book

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The New Poet's Page

Life's Unknown Poems

 One day I saw a Red Robin, 

The first of the year. 

I wrote a poem about it, 

That’s what led to the others here. 


They just kept coming one after one, 

I had no plan in mind. 

I wrote them as they came to me, 

And these poems I was able to find. 


The poems in Part I are Common Day Things,

Known to each of us, I think. 

They’re just simple everyday truths, 

No more sophisticated than a blink. 


The poems in Part II go farther, 

Mixing humor with the seasons of the year. 

They’re a kaleidoscopic stab at reality, 

Written in rhyme to keep you here. 


In Part III, the poems speak, 

Of some things I’ve known since birth. 

They’re everyday vignettes about living,

Most of us share on earth.


Part IV is a little special,

More for myself than you.

I was trying to understand,

If writing poetry, I could do.


For Part V, I tried to have fun,

To see if you would laugh.

I hope I succeeded some,

Because life goes by too fast.


Part VI is of a deeper tone,

It addresses a darker mood.

Too many of us suffer in these ways,

By these poems, may your life renew.


Part VII tells the stories,

Which many are living now.

They bring to light the trials,

The elderly survive somehow.


Then in Part VIII, I describe,

The events of January six.

It tells of the poisons remaining,

And the problems we now must fix.


This is the content I offer,

Read it if you will.

Three years of writing was my task,

Of the poems for this book to fill. 

July 27, 2021

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